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Helping clients Think Smarter in how they connect devices to the Internet is paramount to quality data collection and decision-making. Orb IoT works with a network of sensor providers with deep expertise in sensor selection and development. If a sensor does not exist off the shelf, we take the requirements and drive the process from concept, to design, manufacturing, testing and implementation.
Below are just a few examples of sensors what meet the unique data collection requirements of various applications.

When you “Think Smarter” everything is possible…

We took first place in a “Hackathon” for US Central and Southern Command.  Challenged with the task of equipping a drone with multiple sensors, we beat major USA and international aerospace companies by demonstrating greater skills in sensor selection and creativity in customizing the drone.  British Aerospace came in a close 2nd place. The prize money was donated to the “Special Operations Warrior Foundation”.

In another example, we won a proof of concept at a major airline for an unattended minor application. We built a devise that will track and display the minor’s location, airline, gate, flight number, time to departure, delay alerts, cancellation alerts, and gate changes. If the flight is cancelled or delayed more than 2 hours, the new departure information and even meal and hotel vouchers can be electronically issued using QRCode technology.  We beat Google, Samsung and Microsoft by providing a solution that offered improved price performance by orders of magnitude over the competition.

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